The Gateway Label's Alien Grindhouse is an extraterrestrial exploitation label.
Part monster movie and sci-fi band.

This fun, indie, alien pulp is a gritty-stylized, darkly humored, slightly camp bonanza of albums, videos, merchandise, and a movie starring a conglomeration of aliens and their strange, violent stories. With eight creepily-altered voices over heavy trip hop, with some dubstep, industrial, electro-punk, rock, ambient, drum’n’bass, and jazz.
In 2015, a film titled Alien Grindhouse: The Movie will premiere with two albums- The Alien Grindhouse Soundtrack, and Critical Mass by Mutant Unknown and Eutrophic, and many more videos on YouTube. Building on two albums from 2009 (The Gateway Label Speaks and The Suffix-cide) and the theatrical style dubbed Alien Grindhouse.

 The Gateway Label's Alien Grindhouse is a wild universe with rebellious aliens, dangerous organizations, and a lot of murder, war, power, greed and perversion; and an expanding multimedia, multiplatform anthology of Christopher Chastain’s sci-fi predatorial universe.

Break the Label. Open the Gateway.

The Gateway Label Speaks

PlunderMutant Unknown
Intro: Emerging from the deep void of space and heading towards planet Earth.
(Mutant Unknown)
The world is getting dark now.
 The world is on it's knees now.
Everything's dying; Everything's crying;
 Everything is sliding, into nothing.
Into the abyss to the bottom you sink.
Engulfing the whole world
    assimilation begins today.
I'm talking your essence away today today.
Your body and your soul are all mine today,
Absorbed into my body and my mind today.
Together we'll plunder more planets again some day,
but today is the day I came to take you away.
A solar system size mass
 that bubbles and fumes,
 and echoes with the sounds of alien languages too.
You sort of have a consciousness
    but it's not all there,
You sort of have a body
    but it's mine I spared.
Your gonna see things you never thought you would see....
Plunder alien worlds for an eternity.
Hordes of absorbed creatures ascend on the Earth,
Start your new Mutant Unknown fucking birth.
Highly advanced civilizations,
    trans-galactic transportation,
        deep space planet colonization,
            large populations of imperial nations...All Fall, Fall, Fall to me.
Fall, Fall, Fall, all fall to me.
Fall, Fall, Fall, all fall to me.
Fall, Fall, Fall they all fall to me. (repeat) 
My absorbed minions do my bidding.
 I jump from planet to planet killing killing.
I'm like a black hole absorbing everywhere I go.
 I've been alive since the beginning of time.
Born without form.
Born from a pre-matter radiational storm.
Born to roam alone.
Born to take on any form.
Born to bring the end, no more thing as being dead,
 taken everything that's alive evolution starts tonight.
The Untolds Abnormal, Mutant Unknown
Abnormal is coming in
    we gonna let the fun begin.
Nothing but blood and gore
    drop the bodies to the floor.
sell them dead fucks for some cash
    make a profit selling ass.
Just not what you think
    grab the ass, cut off the cheek
    or fuck the corpse
        but you gotta buy it.
Come on now just try it.
Corrupt society endlessly
    to the nth degree.
No one here will judge or see
They'll have something they want from me
    the Master of immorals and peddling flesh
A surgeon of darkness and other sinful tasks.
The horrors of which you might not grasp.
Sweep and expand,
  disperse and span
    and circle the Earth
       multiply and unfurl
          escalate to the point of war
             the Anti-human movement
              The Gateways doing, power were pursuing, and our talents were grooming,
            perfecting, welcome to the reckoning,you know damn well this is happening.
 You'll fall victims to one of are peoples, many more out there untold stories of evil.
   Limitless, untold 1st hand narrative and chronicles, rare untold auto-biographical.
                 Not enough time to tell there stories and there climb to glory.
There untold sagas could fill epic tomes,
 stories never conceived of before,
  legendary existences to remain lost for all tense and purposes.
To tell of the ones pertinent to you.
    That come from or to
      the same Earth you do
(Mutant Unknown)
I come bursting through the sky
    thought the Mutant Unknown would pass you by
    over the Earth I slide
    transmigration your demise
    swap your body for mine
    just a guise from your original design.
    No clothes just a black bubbling body of what you were before me.
It's pretty painless for what it's worth
    a black ball covers the fucking Earth.
It's starts raining fumes are staining
    Alien creatures with monstrous features
        with there on unique talents
         from there own home planets
As the Earth bombarded with my bodies hunting for you untiringly
Limitless Mutant Unknown, The Mafioso of Murderapolis, The Brutal, Despair, Abnormal
(Mutant Unknown)
House windows explode
 shattering glass echoes
   wind rushes through, light bulbs flicker.
In creeps a creature, hunched over, rubbing against the ceiling,
 to hideous to describe you gotta sinking feeling...
That this is happening in
    every city,
    every village,
    every town,
    World wide.
Apartments, bomb shelters, skyscrapers
 covered in bubbling black beings.
So many alien creatures in all such foreign and grotesque shapes and size.
The numbers are outright astronomical, along with the boundless and utterly astounding behemoths.
Unconfined and limitless
(The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
 Smith and Wesson,
  an arsenal of weapons
C-4, landmines, nuclear bombs, countless ways to make you gone.
    No creating problems.... just problem solving.
Quick and efficient but not cheap but peace of mind for when I sleep.
    I can handle a fucking army, so fuck the U.S. military
Scars, - I don't leave leave'em, 'cause dead and more dead is how I leave them,
 bloody and bleeding, death is your only freedom.
It's my pleasure to kill you, with a nine, with a Glock.
I wish revolvers held more shots to release you from your prison,
  from the pointless drivel that is your existences,
    and with the guns I got it's a guarantee to get shot.
Surface to air missiles,
  my nuclear winter it will sprinkle on any chosen targets,
so lets get this war started.
(The Brutal)
Solid plasma creatures,
 Nuclear Subatomic features,
Born from suns over see the planetary ones.
Travel to the places beyond where the universe is created,
Beyond known space, farther then the edge of the big bang.
Solar systems, galaxies over see, manage, residue free of..
anti-particle awareness, battling devastating plasma monsters.
Move from gaseous, liquid to solid
Alien societies demolished,
The burning creatures sweeping down on cities peoples.
 Blinding white light beings,
fries the outside of any organic
boiling and exploding the eyes of any visual sighting.
Inner organs explode, exoskeletons like things corrode,
 skin drips,
curling limps and tentacles,
Evaporating all moisture lakes and oceans dry out.
 worlds breaks apart from the natural gas and oil set a blaze.
instant combustion all at once,
 set a chain reaction of a planet's death in motion.
Worlds drift through the oceans of empty space colliding or drifting untiringly.
Your all unseenly tethered to the place it started
Welcome back to where all life fractured from
The infinite splintering is turning back to a singular one.
The original is over taking and expanding, 
encompassing all once again,
and evolve, to change,
   to retake and maintain
       that vast singularity empire once again.
Pre-expansion Primordial plane back to the singularity once again.
With no more Essences and no more Gods,
I will now rule unopposed,
 and I will truly remake, remold like nothing before.
I will build and enslave
 infinite sub-divisions of my reigns,
  levels and planes all under one.
The Shadows, The Nothing
Form the surroundings.
Fill the beyond, the cosmos
I connect, I view.
The Darkness shows me,
  Surrounds me, 
It's perennially teleporting me,
  Walking into shadows and I'm some place else.
It's alive, its its own self.
Something inhabits me,
 it's in the shadows
  in the dark,
Every corner, every sliver of dark
There's something watching and I am it's container.
It knows,
 It shows me, what it sees
 and what it sees is everything that is suppose to be,
 and I see me and The Gateway team
   and how it all will be
   and how it all ends,
The Darkness knows,
 It's alive, it Intends,
It doesn't want to be friends.
It's autonomous
 It knows what it's suppose to show,
  to who and when, and what should be shared,
   the knowledge, the power, the answers to more,
 it's aware, it's purposefully there to perpetuate The Design,
It exists, it can not be wrong.

Mutant Unknown, Despair, Nightmare Man
(Mutant Unknown)
The unknown mutations of the assimilated
 growing inside,
  changing their eyes,
   the mobile absorbed
moving like nothing before
evolution keeps going,
deep inside of where I store The Absorbed,
They grow and change,
    they struggle not to stay within.
The longer I'm here the harder it is
    to keep there ever merging powers and minds in line,
     and with the ultimate creatures the strongest in existence.
With abstract powers and teleporters
  struggling to break free,
  it has begun to strain me.
With my new necessity
  with a sense of urgency,
    to catalogue all the beings and database there minds, there memories
      to probe to see if there's a way I'm getting out.
If there's a place I could go
 a certain world to absorb
I must find the answer
  an omnipotent monster, I could conquer
I found remnants of memories
 vaguely hearing stories of
   planetary manifestations,
     and of a  minus 273 super conductive flesh, willed, monster
       and a pre-matter energy creature called Despair,
          two transformed, phantom warriors,
             two ex-human transients, existential bandits that use The Gateway
                 for power and purpose along with the other
                     unuttered monsters,
untolds, unmolded.

There used to be many Hells,
    separate, individual Realms
Where souls were divided up to other Recyclers
Fights and wars for control and more Awareness's
    to do what they want with, to rebuild or souls sold or put back into the living core
      or transformed to the abstract rulers will of the afterlife creating metaphysical pain and strife,
         with varied contents of existential experiments, physiological defilement,
            body and mind remodulated out of time, indescribable rhymes out of sink with existence.
(Mutant Unknown)
You can count on this
    this universe I've left
    alone, empty, abandon and stranded
The other worlds will soon follow all realms
    will be ground down, absorbed
They never seen anything like me, the end is beginning.
(Nightmare Man)
A race of viruses,
    exploring dimensions.
Find that there directly suited to a new existence
    in a strange reality and in the finding of new entities
    to bring into the ethereal void and
        since the first virus had broken through and used a host
         to manipulate and control a new reality,
                the rush was on to populate with bodies
            and put them in the Nether World to
                serve and obey, to die and fight for dominance
           in what was a previously a permanently unpopulated plane
             where any life had been phantom like and transient.
         The introduction of Dream Awakened beings
            changed the fundamental environment to a more
            concrete, but still spectrally unique Dreamland
            developing organs and adapting to staying.
The Unfolding Arcane Zero, Mutant Unknown, Nightmare Man, Abnormal
(Arcane Zero)
I view the outside existence
    through the pure inanimate willed flesh of transistance.
The meat amplifies and gives precise movements
    total control, an extension of the soul.
I feel a breeze
  but I do not breathe,
    I do not bleed
        I do not feed,
            I do not taste
                I'm self sustained in every mother fucking way.
The dead flesh has no sensations,
    I feel the smallest of resistance,
        the tiniest variation in pressure difference.
I have no ears, I don't hear.
I have no eyes; all my sensory data comes to me by,
    vibrations, the pulsations, from the living emanations
        fluctuations in the displacement,
     ripples of visions of things unwitnessed.
(Mutant Unknown)
A collected creatures fumes linger
 after it disappeared.
    It's gone- teleported out of here.
Senses search for movement, heat, carbon dioxide released.
Living beings are beacons my creatures
    go forth go find engulf your mine.
Limbs spit grab and retract
    Monsters hop from building to building
        from roof top to roof top
        stretch from skyscraper to skyscraper
             chaos, of mobilized monsters.
        sweeping, and swinging,
            flying and gliding,
    bizarre and mystifying, dictions and inflections,
Unheard tone and sound modulation from aliens.
Sea levels rise as a result of displaced water.
Oceans filled with countless leviathans,
    swimming, feeling at home, stretches and moans
While hunting for more to absorb
Gigantic beast smash cities.
(Nightmare Man)
Sounds coming from the ground
    the voice of Lucian leaks,
        the Earth creaks when that manifestation speaks,
            he reaps in the endless deep.
From the sky, originating from space
    is the Mutant Unknown and The Assimilated Horde,
        The Collection of the Absorbed
From the woods to the streets
    Abnormal's laughs seeps
        into the lands of man and stands
            with The Mafioso's silent no show.
Space warps under the weight of General Dream Poet
    and it's Dream Demon band distorts the land with the Nightmare Man.
Been Dead grumbles crackling like thunder
    coming from the dead soil emerges metaphysical turmoil.
Despair parts the air suspends gravity, time, and space with just an utterance.
Perfecting the process of the mergence of the two life forms,
    dimensionally formed and fused at the source.
        Eugenics of the certain traits of the disease
            and certain traits of the biological elite.
(Mutant Unknown)
The assimilation unfolds on a micro scale
    the cell defends futility despair.
Viruses absorbed,
    released for more
RAGE, cells slayed,
    the war absorbed single celled collections ascended on the untaken
    the microscopic scream in horror, like you higher mother fuckers
    as there overwhelmed with microbial hell.
Down to the assimilated atomization,
    fundamental, elementary particles and beyond to the inner inner side.
Bones snap and crunch
    as organs gush and bleed the soul flees
Escapes the dying body, rotting, left behind,
    death didn't come this time.
I'm stuck,
 I get up
  I fell numb
    the sun looks different somehow
Eyeballs decaying
    pupils try dilating
    retinas rotting,
Rods and cones
I hear my tendons snap
    when I move my hand to slap a fly.
Muscles strain as the fibrous tissue decay.
The Stillness is maddening
    no organs or heart pumping
        or juices excreting.
I pierce my gut to relieve the gas blotting my torso, out pours
    liquefied organs.
With the pressure released,
    my stability gone,
        my spinal cord is giving way.
            How long have I been rotting away this way?
Pulling myself along
    my skin peels away from the bones.
My putrid brains spill out a crow pecked hole.
    Muscles slide off bones in slab
Immobile bones bleach in the sun
    Skeleton turns to dust
        my awareness spread across
            the universe, with the breaking apart of the Earth into pieces
                and lands with the smallest particles of me on new planets breathed in or ingested
The exponential sharing and spreading of my body.
    From the animals that eat me
        to the bugs and microscopic fucks
            and the things that feast on them
                and the ones that did the same to them
                    again and again and again and more and more
                        and passed through their children
                            through the cells, through the chemical genetic make up
                                I am there.
Power and Purpose The Mafioso of Murderapolis, General Dream Poet, Arcane Zero
(The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
Thrusting a titanium ice pick deep into your skull
    I can't help to think what I'm doing this for.
Is it the endless power and money
    why am I not out there raising bunnies
How did I decide a life of crime is how I'm going to spend my time.
I never had a second thought when I carved out that guys heart alive for the boss
    in the end I think saw the beauty in the destruction that is my duty
To be the one who is there demise
    to be the one who turned them into food and homes
         for the maggots and flies.
Instead of owning a bakery I put people into slavery
There was this time I was snipering off a kid,
    why his own father put out the hit
         never crossed my mind, I didn't care
             I just put him down and left him there.
Proficient and efficient in what I do,
    I'll whack anybody, anybody going down if I say to.
I could have had another family one where I'm the fucking daddy
    Changing diapers, feeding kids, wife nagging in my fucking ears.
I'm a killer, the mass murdering kind
    taking people out with the blink of an eye.
        Very handy with the sword of a samurai,
(General Dream Poet)
Existing apart from the material universe
    we sweep through the minds of the universe underverse.
A universe within, unlocked by the disease, perception seized,
    soundness crumbles your spirit's in trouble.
(Arcane Zero)
No one knows just who we are, bizarre
The abstractness,
Participation, observation,
    Interaction prohibition
lower life forms left alone they can not go
Fuck you, fuck off, fucking leave
     Abnormals got your fucking spleen,
You were meant to fucking die
    we were meant to soar the sky.
Search for power is the purpose
    that's the only thing that isn't worthless.
Pass by death on your last breathe.
Death can not make us leave
    explore infinity for eternity.
        living past the expiration
there really is a chance for those who dare to take it's path.
(The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
The Mafioso of Murderapolis
    coming to your town to sell to your kid
        not really, but that's what you think
            like I got nothing better to do.
Memories Arcane Zero
(Arcane Zero)
In the past I've killed a lot of people.
    and in the future a lot of people are gonna call me evil.
But I'm just an ancient warrior
    in the body of a dead demon sorcerer.
Given the corporeal being of a titan, leviathan creature
    from the land of the non-flesh willed Nether world.
A reward of my battlefield body count
    reverse transmigrate move my body out.
Replace with the body of a beast from another realm.
    Replace with a grotesque ghastly ghoul you might mistake is from hell.
My muscles flex and strain
    When I'm stomping out your fucking brains.
My muscles flex and strain
    When I'm choking and they pop a vein
My muscles flex and strain
    When I'm burying a fucking blade
My muscles flex and strain
    When your screaming out in fucking pain
Thunder rings out in the sky.
    That storm had come to watch me die.
        My thoughts keep drifting back in time to when I was......
Standing on a battlefield
    looking for a sword to steal.
Armies as far as the eye can see,
    warriors making history.
Bloody remains litter the ground
    the smell of death is all around.
Comrades lying hacked to pieces,
    tortured till there life force seizes.
Enemies finishing off wounded soldiers,
    this war if fucking over.
One man skirmishes is all that's left.
    Hillside dotted with the enemies wrath.
I'm on the losing side again, this time there's just way to many men.
    This will be our last stand, all our armies will be dead.
Bob and weave through the soldiers
    crushing wind pipes with my fingers
Through the soldiers bob and weave
    breaking arms and kick out knees.
Smashing faces, grab a sword from the back I'm fucking gored.
    A spear had entered from the back and cracked my sternum right in have.
The blade is sticking out the front,
    pulled it out and coughed up blood.
Enemies start to circle round, suddenly my left arm hits the ground.
    An arrow pierces through my throat,
       enemies laughing like it's a joke.
Fall to my knees in agony, the worlds starting to fade in front of me.
Hold my breath so I don't choke,
    stay awake to slay some more.
Blood is pouring from the wounds
    as I stagger I'm swinging too.
Getting weak from loss of blood,
    from behind I here a thud.
   Someone hit me from behind
    and lodged a dagger in my spine.
This is the way I want to leave
    locked in battle, finish me.
Lying on the ground half dazed
    they take their swords and hack away.
Yelling out with victory cries
    they don't know the fate that lies.
The storm raging above just stops- freezing as if time had stopped.
An eerie calm befalls the land
    You can hear the heart beat of the men.
Then an explosion where I lay dead
    and a brief bright white light
         shines over the men.
    Blinding there eyes for just a second
        they turn back a round to see a curtain,
            a veil of dust kicked up in the air,
                visually stunning beyond compare.
Appearing like a lightening bolt surrounded by the dirt and smoke.
Hundred thousands stare in awe at the cloud as it begins to dissolve.
    Slowly debris falls away unveiling the monster I am today.
A massive towering structure of death
    I have no lungs to take a breathe.
A towering structure twitching flesh
     The muscles flex on this abominable wretch.
The muscles ripple with random spasms
    over the frame work which is monsterly massive.
As chunks of the Earth still fall to the ground
    the mind of the beats still lingers some how.
Bombarded my memories that are not from me
    and the bizarre perception in which I now see
Regaining my composure inside of my new body
    I continued my fighting without mercy
Climbing out of the impact hole
    I intend to increase the enemies death toll.
Started killing everything in sight
    beyond anything human words can describe.
Finish this war single handed,
    in this body my mind is stranded.
Accept my fate for what it is
    win this war like an apocalypse.
Day and night the war was fought
    death to all is what I brought   
        massacred all the armies
            tore the limbs from their bodies
Hunted down fleeing soldiers
    echoing cries and screams of horrors.
Massive carnage covers many thousand miles
Never have any pity,
    brutally track them down and take them out.
There's no possibility, you can understand what I do or see.
I have no eyes
    I have no mouth
I am the flesh is what I'm talking about
I don't know how I see but I see the blood squirting free.
I see the dead bodies
    from the flesh that I be.
I see the fragile life easily destroyed with a butcher knife.
The body comes from a place from another physical state.
    Will rules over the flesh
        with almost complete omnipotence.
Inanimate fleshed willed to kill.
    I have no heart beat the flesh is still.
A self sustained death machine
    lying low for centuries.
With the memories from the grave,
    the creatures knowledge I've retained.
I have all it's memories
    it's clan died in a catastrophe and now it gave it's life
        so I can spit on the mic
        and infect the world with
        a sacrificed dead demon sorcerer
            with the soul of an ancient dead poet warrior.
Who We Are Despair, Abnormal, The Mafioso of Murderapolis
Hades is fading,
    Despair is waiting,
The Essences grows
    with every mortals soul.
There used to be many
    Hells had been plenty
        but now there's only one,
            a destroyer of suns.
I'm an evolutionary step
    in the after math of death
A grandiose scheme
    in the cleansing of beings
a recycler, a purifier, a fate fucking juggler.
Many awareness's make up the whole
    and now it's time to sort them all
But this is about one in particular Abnormal.. The Deliverer.
I'm jumped from behind
    my throats slashed, I begin to die.. why
Choking on my blood
    my body begins to fall down a dark deserted vertical hall.
Met by demons
    I'm not dreaming
They jump on my chest 
    commence chewing flesh
    until there's nothing left, but a big bloody mess.
Out of the blood my body reforms
    nothing more painful then being reborn
        it was that moment I chose to serve the new lord
            so be forewarned, tortures in store
Now I'm Despairs, right hand man, were always laughing and quoting Pinhead
    We have a real good time, when writing these rhymes.
            We have a real good time inciting violence, never silence,
                 hordes of demons causing riots.
There's a killer stalking the streets
    through the darkness I creep.
I step into the light and out of the night
    and into the sight of my victims plight
Your a slave to your life
    Knowledge comes through pain and through strife.
you see me and I see you, your only human
    there's nothing you can do.
To stop my sickness,
    to stop my rage
        to stop me from putting you into your grave.
Your a slave, so what does it matter if your saved.
Your a slave, to your life,
to the same routines every night, to the same egomaniacal,
undeniable, damning souls with words that are biblical
unreliable and water soluble as in the truth is undissovable.
Faith is for those who have no proof.
Faith is for those who can not sleuth.
Faith is for those who can not think
    or have to believe in it because there weak.
(The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
Gang related under stated
    all of those who have been hated
        because your different
        because your unclean
    I'll have Abnormal, steal your spleen.
You don't know the being inside.
You don't know what it's like to die.
You don't know what it's like to fly
    with out tons of metal, pushing you by.
Through the clouds in the sky.
In the clouds, up so high
     is where I love to soar and fly
        until the day that I must die.
The Corruption Nightmare Man
(Nightmare Man)
The Kingdom became a place for the depraved.
For many viruses and there infected to stay.
They torture and humiliate for pleasure.
Fallen warriors who demand slaves
    to kill and mame
        to destroy reigns of the peaceful and mundane.
They stop training and teaching, searching and exploring
    more ways to evolve
        along with the Disease
    And not the freakish, sick viruses that cause and seek
        grotesque mutations.
Deformed and vile, murdering cowards,
    Sadistic and hedonistic, maliciously vicious
but it originally was the host that caused that caused the Corruption.
        The virus race learned about carnal pleasures,
    physicality powers, lustful for the senses, they can feel through the infection.
Weak minded viruses giving into their hosts devices.
Learning more higher corporeal debauchees, libertines and gluttons
    to defile and brutalize others,
        violent sexual torture
Abnormal would make a killing if they had anything to gave him.
They steal and plunder, bare knuckled hordes of deformed
    over run, man handle and wrestle, rape and tear apart
The opposite of the Dream Demons who train physically and mentally to control
  and distort time, matter and space.
    Rip them apart that way
Through self control and discipline they control space around them.
Obliterating Galaxies Nightmare Man, Mutant Unknown, General Dream Poet
(Nightmare Man)
The Land of Ageless Sands is
    a suspended time and space
A real place, an oasis from the infinite busyness.
In a tucked away corner,
    a metaphorical island
Isolated from physical sizeness
A paradise of sorts
    a necropolis
        because once inside your dead to the world, to everything
            Life speeds by outside.
(Mutant Unknown)
Riding through the cosmos
    sucking up the life force.
Of all the planets with life I can find.
Obliterating galaxies
    nothing left but rock debris
Can you even imagine
    how many lives I've snuffed out of existence
The lives I've murdered is nearly infinite.
Someday they'll be nothing left
     then I may fade away into death.
Life will always start a new
    my destruction helps it through
The process of evolving
    the door of death is revolving
In your fairy tale stories I would be a villain.
Worst of the worst
    the cosmic apex of killing.
Existing always with out beginning or end
    to the other side all of you will descend.
The universe as a whole is slowly being drained of souls.
(Nightmare Man)
The General purified my space and time warping, training and teaching
Battle being leading
    Dream Demon discipline
Nether world cities visited
(General Dream Poet)
Documented in poetry
    what I see
        as we wondered the land in and out of the conscious band.
Spread the disease
    create an army of dreams to compete, take back, attack.
The Rotting Abnormal
    rancid putrefaction
heap of rotting meat,
Flesh decomposing
    dosing in a dirt nap
        in the middle of a marshy swamp
No flesh in weeks, skin festers I the heat
Blisters from the sun
    putrid puss runs down the body into the water
        drainage slaughter
The blood clotted,
    rotted in the veins
        putrefying for days
Disease ridden,
    stagnant carrion,
        water logged skin,
teeming with purple green and blues, infested- the festering muse
Self-Ruling Arcane Zero, Despair, Mutant Unknown,  The Brutal, Abnormal
(Arcane Zero)
Sliding slabs of flesh
    gliding over each other.
Move to transform
    bodily configuration,
        more powerful stabilization.
Change to be agile and fast,
     jump or dash,
  growing tentacles or hands,
     arms and legs,
 claws and giant fist with rotating wrists.
Move as a globe or silent as fog.
 under the ground,
        through the trees.
Slabs slide flex and move forming structural strength and endurance.
    in muscles, as my awareness
        floats through
    arms protrude and growing slabs
    stretch move and fold,
    to mold, limbs to destroy,
Stems bury into the ground
    planting for power.
Appendages branch, extensions grab or smash
    trees decimated, boulders annihilated
    forests leveled,
    smells of winter.
Blood flows over the snow.
Pine trees sap scents, super released
    from the flattened and smashed.
    and the bitter cold
    scenes of snow
From the sky
    bodies crash land in piles.
The Earth shakes as I make my way to you.
Frozen in fear
    I tower over, rear up like a bear
    I come crashing down like a sky scraper hitting the ground,
    blackout no sights, no sound you slowly fade out. 
Everything there ever was and ever is
    past, present and future existences
Time over time infinitely combined.
Slaves buried in mass graves with their Gods.
    Pantheons of the pre-matter ones.
Dominions building buildings,
    edifices of incalculable size,
Structures rise in honor of the fallen,
    erecting monuments,
    document history,
    war memorials,    
    The Catacomb Worlds , places where Gods rest.
Countless dead tombs
    erected in planes of remembrances graves.
Marking the slain and eternal fame
    of battles and beings that were time shattering,
Splintering space and matter
    creating fragments
    fractured independent and
Self-contained, the infinite has been created,
    made of infinite variations,
  fragmentations, ruptures and fissures
    and evolving,
I welcome you to The Gateway
(Mutant Unknown)
New possibilities await
    new planes and realms is my fate.
I take more and more transcendental gore
Parallel existences, visited swept through
    and taken into me,
     apart of all Mutant Unknown beings.
Extreme creatures give me the power,
    the control I needed to maintain existing.
It was the integration of eternal creatures
    which caused my abilities to awaken
        and to grow exponentially.
To move in and out of time
    and space- beyond matter
I have changed and will someday leave all behind.
So existences can evolve on it's own time,
    without my kind, without my forth coming imminent,
        impending arrival, that all are unconsciencely aware of.
Deep within, beyond where matter exists
    I'm apart of it and it's apart of me
        through my now trans-metaphysical assimilation abilities.
The Gateways opened and now it's closing to serge and remerge somewhere else.
(The Brutal)
All rocks have a magnetic field
    I'm no exception, polarized inception
It's how I fly, it's how I move
    how I teleport and creep through space, the universe.
Through magnetic structures, corridors, It's my talent for my purpose
    specialized and Earthish.
With my own gravity I pull people towards me.
If I spin, debris orbits me,
     trees bend,
        plants, leaves fall in but disappear.
Sucked into a field, a magnetic spark
    and the objects are gone,
Move and smash so fast
    my gravity hasn't had a chance
        to pull in the people,
     they fall parallel to the ground, into me.
I jump kick their heads,
    punch splatter guts and gore,
        that orbit, centripetal forces force it out
            while I spin about.
Stopping- bodies fall in, stomp, toss, smash and do it again.
Ripping and throwing,
    gore orbiting,
        spinning fast -the guts leave, fly past
            the range of my gravity.
Jumping I land in the middle of an army,
    people flying above me,
        extreme spiral whirl, uzumaki curve pattern path,
Wicked trajectory
    flinging by
        whizzing by,
People caught in the edge of my gravity,
Gravitating all things,
    all directions around me,
Spinning ball of debris: arms, legs, heads, rocks, and trees.
Optimal performance is the reason
    I see the actions I'm suppose to take,
To retain the life or whatever else is required
    of me to do for
        the missions,
    secret visions of unuttered operations
  duty calling,
    applying my trade of particular slaying.
Specifically designed for optimal performance
    although it might not seem like it
    from an unwitnessed and a yet unfolded point of view.
Darkness swirls around
    encircling the perimeter
        hovering above the victim.
Chest wide open,
    organs still going
        but severed from the chest
            and put on the table next to him.
Still pumping there still connected just not physically
    my ability, the darkness's conductivity.
Unseen Arcane Zero
(Arcane Zero)
I feel death through the energy it displaces
    the ripples sends visions of the things and places,
        I can not see directly
There are so many cities and energy creatures.
    Unseen highways and byways
        Imperceptible- undetected- unperceived- unsuspected,
          unnoticed sights, uninitiated rights,
                untaught and abandon
           deserted, left alone
forsaken- rejected- despised- and stranded.
I feel at home in the tombs
    with the decayed and bodily ruins
It's quite in the fucking ground
    the dead leak and saturate the soil.
Condensing releasing tension
    by emercing in the accumulation
        of rotting peoples.
It's the rotting
    It's the clotting
        It's at home to this beastly body.
Suspended The Mafioso of Murderapolis, Nightmare Man, The Brutal
(The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
Using a garrote
  I tie the knot
     the veins pop inside the eyes
        the pupils dilate as
           the body suffocates
lack of oxygen,
    lungs strain to take in, viable air
a cold long stare into the eyes of the pray as it convulses to stay in this world
    a last ditch effort of the body to free itself from descending.
(Nightmare Man)
Mutant Dream Children
    procreation, of the Dream Awakened
First generation Dream Children
    from the awakened and infected,
        impregnated hybrided virus.
unpredictable permutations
    abominations, powerful and gifted
Bent out of the mothers womb
    destroying space the first day conceived.
Warping pieces off their mothers
    unborn- mutilating before birth
Twisting, distorting
    ripping apart time and matter
       the transient flesh batter.
(The Brutal)
Rotating debris of bodies
    pieces of vortex rubble and wreckage
Soil, rocks, plants, grass, insects, animals -Suspended
Gravity stronger the closer you are
    Earth gravity is pussy compared to me.
I obliterate energy as it falls in on to the outskirts of my stone skin.
My hands and feet and stone wings move to fast
    for my magnetic field to catch.
Warping the fields
 of what is perceived as real.
  spiral orbit
     or ripped out of the ground
Violently buildings twist in my presence.
Trees sway under the pressure,
    a specialized energy neutralizer.
Even your consciousness is pulled inward.
Stone Veins The Brutal, The Mafioso of Murderapolis, Abnormal
(The Brutal)
Ancient fucking heathen
    on the mic I'm freakin'.
Telling you the story of who I am
    'cause I don't give a damn
        if it breaks your fucking mind.
Move this planet to rewind.
 watch the time going flying by.
  In reverse, now my birth
   observe the world, getting worse
    with the presence of the human.
      homeostasis now uncertain,
       will the world balance out,
        no doubt.
No land untouched by man.
    Animals being driven crazy.
No room to raise a fucking baby.
City, city on top of cities.
Spreading over the planets surface.
Fucking people every where
    every where I turn there they
        in the woods
        in the sky
        in the lake
    your going to die.
Give it back to the wild
    watch the concrete jungle tumble
        under the weight of time and nature
            over grown plants cover any remnants.
(The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
Infestation of the planet
    so much that I can't stand
        so I kill, serve my will
     stand still as I insert this drill.
(The Brutal)
Infestation of the planet
    people prone to push and panic.
Spread their sick society
    drown in fucking misery.
Over usage of the planet
    I have skin that looks like granite
You were meant to fucking die
    I was meant to soar the sky.
Manifestation of the planet
    borne from stone I had managed
My planet Earth called to watch
    from stone I did crawl.
Breed for eternal life.
Breed for carnage that's my plight.
Breed for battle in an epic war.
How much more is in store?
Lay the victims down (x4)
    Bodies dropping to the ground.
Lay the victims down.
    As you pound the sound.
Lay the victims down
    Bloody corpses all around.
Lay the victims down. (x2)
    cause were all mound bound.
Lay the victims down.(x2)

(The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
Thin the heard, say the word
    even the score with a .44
I don't need this city
    you the one I pity.
Don't take a second look behind.
    When you blast 'em with a .9
Just keep on walking
    scanning for targets.
Anyone, anything that fucking moves
    is mother fucking doomed.
(The Brutal)
Is it Ichor in these stone veins
    a substance uncomprehendible to man.
Bestowing life but I don't know
    I've never been fucking hurt before.
Nothings ever scratched the surface
    I truly don't know what lies below it
Solid organs not moving
    holes for Ichor pumping through me
Am I hollow inside
    does something live inside, giving me life.
Am I solid through and through,
    animated rock talking to you.
Who knows how I fucking work
    something called me to my birth
Exhaust fumes fill the air
    pollutants fucking everywhere.
Carcinogens in your food
    something called me because it doesn't like you.
Forced to live know that I walk.
    Search the universe near and far,
        roam the heavens and the stars.
For others out there born like me
    born from planets to protect and see
        over the natural order to keep in check
    so higher cognizant beings don't wreck there worlds.
I see things that you can't see.
    I know the future and history.
        I see the energy flowing free.
            I can see your lungs breath.
It's the O.G. sound
    coming for your town.
Watching every move.
    Hovering right above you.
Lurking in every shadow.
    Creatures in the shallows
        of dimensional crawl spaces
            if you look hard enough you might see our faces.
No matter what we fucking do it all stays the same. (The Brutal)
The world keeps on spinning when I blow out your brains. (The Mafioso)
Nothings slowing down. Nothing stopping it's pace. (Abnormal)
Life keeps on living as if nothing has changed. (The Brutal)
Nothing remembers you or the life that you lead. (The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
Don't nobody give a flying fuck whether your fucking dead. (Abnormal)

Oblivion is the fate of every fucking thing. (The Brutal)
Forgotten pain and sadness reigns in the song that I sing. (The Mafioso)
Love has to die with the passing of time. (Abnormal)
Torn apart with broken hearts and that be the line. (The Brutal)
Time passes by turning all into dust. (The Mafioso of Murderapolis)
Walk with the dead hear what they've said and that is a must. (Abnormal)